Q: How are Geoduck graded? What size are they?

A: Geoduck will be between 0.7-1.3 pounds. Coloration on the skin may vary depending on catch area and harvest. This is normal and natural and does not impede the delicious taste in any way.


Q: Where does the Geoduck come from?

A: Geoduck is harvested in the beautiful Puget sound of Washington State.


Q: Do you have your own divers?

A: Our fleet of geoduck harvesters are the best in the world and have worked with Alaska Ice for over 25 years.


Q: How do you keep the Geoducks alive?

A: We bring our shellfish to our state-of-the-art tanking and holding facility where we use proprietary filtration technology to keep the animals at optimal health.


Q: When you say, “Live Seafood”, do you mean its actually alive?
A: Yes! We rubber band the shell of the Geoduck so they stay nice and compact.